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Professional Development and Training

You need this if: You want to build team and/or volunteer capacity in areas that may include:

  • STEM
  • Family engagements
  • Literacy
  • Project-based learning
  • Building social emotional skills

Key activities conducted by consultant may include:

  • Assess: Prior to training, meet with leadership and key staff to understand the context and audience, refine the topic(s), define training goals, objectives and outcomes, and finalize format and delivery.
  • Execute:
    • Plan and execute logistics including venue, invitees, attendees, speakers, etc.
    • Draft and finalize, in conjunction with leadership and key staff, necessary materials for the training (e.g., slide deck, activities, supporting research, pre- and post-training reading materials, questionnaires, self-assessments, etc.)
    • Design and deliver a training to facilitate adult learning in the identified area
  • Evaluate: Distribute survey and collect post-training feedback.

Key deliverables:

  • Materials for training (draft and final)
  • Facilitation of training / professional development
  • Post-training evaluation